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business 2012 21-12-2012 01:10 PM

Wayne Swan - Economic Pygmy
Today after years of blather by Wayne Swan, Julia Gillard, Penny Wong and Whatsisname Emerson, stating that a Budget Surplus was a done deal, we hear the truth.

There will be no Budget surplus.

Our country will be in deficit, making a loss on it's profits.

Peter Costello, and the Liberal/National Coalition left our country with a Huge Surplus when Swan and his mate Rudd came in to power.

This is serious.

The reason why?

ALP Waste on School Colas, Pink Batts, the Mining Tax and other economic obscenities.

Our youth cannot hope to experience home ownership or steady employment as a result.

The last time this happened was when the Whitlam government was in power.

I never thought I'd live to see a worse government, or a worse Treasurer.


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